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To Create a Happy and Prosperous Future

Focusing upon life from an energy dynamics perspective, a series of eBooks are to be written to cover topics such as:

                      • the illusive skills of leadership
                      • boosting our hunch and executive Samurai capability
                      • creating better relationships
                      • understand how to use spiritual dynamics in the workplace to create success
                      • creating a sustainable and happy work/life balance.

Some of the eBooks will cover answering such esoteric questions as:

                      • who am I?
                      • why am I here?
                      • can I do what I want in life?
                      • how does my authentic-self help me to change my life for the better?
                      • have I an inner voice that guides me through difficult times?
                      • what should I be doing?
                      • what does death really mean?

What is our purpose in being here?

The major reason for us being here in a physical body is to grow through the daily experiences we encounter. What is this growth? It is a combination of personal development plus spiritual advancement. The latter, spiritual advancement involves recognising the issues and lessons we all face during our lifetime and working to bring them into balance/equilibrium.

We live in a linear time based and three dimensional environment which enables us to work sequentially through different experiences that we encounter. It also helps us to consider the different choices/decisions about what to do (and what to think!) as we work through them. To bring energy dynamics into this environment is a missing link in educating us about understanding what life is truly about. The eBooks will expand upon the concepts of energy and spiritual dynamics. And they will contain different exercises for us to practice. These exercises will, for example to:

                      • help to free us from some blocks that are holding us back
                      • enable us to navigate through life’s changes and challenges with a greater ease and understanding about what’s happening to us
                      • offer us hope and an opportunity to sense where we are going and to make appropriate changes if necessary
                      • enable us to attract the life that we are meant to experience
                      • help us to create harmony in our relationships
                      • enable us to increase our inner feeling of positive well-being and happiness.

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