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Consultancy: Putting your Energy House in Order

By energy house I mean the energy component of: a house, flat, holiday home, office building, factory and so on. Moreover, I also include the human energy components of our-selves, work colleagues, friends and family and so on. So what’s so special about the energy component?

Each of us resembles a sub-atomic bio-magnet vibrating at a unique frequency which represents an energy signature. Land plus a building structure upon it also vibrates at a unique energy frequency. It’s most important for our well being that the energy field where we live and work vibrates in harmony with our own personal energy signature. Over a period of time, if our energy signature is out of phase with the energy fields that surround us, it will give rise to problems. These problems can be put right.

Problems arising, when energy signatures are out of phase, can cause: a break up of relationships, loss of abundance, inability to manifest our desires, insomnia, irritability, stress, depression, fatigue, lack of concentration and so on. Similarly, the energy signature where we work should be in harmony with our personal energy signature. Otherwise, comparable psychological and physiological problems will arise.

If a business is located on a site which is not in harmony with its energy signature, due to imperfections at the site, then this will have a negative impact on its profitability. Imperfections can be Geopathic stress, stagnant underground water, excessive radon and so on. All of these create negative energy. The base energy resonance of a business location is called its energy signature. The good news is that most of these energy problems can be reversed.

As human beings, we exist in a physical and quantum (energy) world. The laws which govern the world of energy are Universal laws. These laws are quite different in comparison with the physical laws that we are used to. Understanding the Universal laws puts us in a position to be able to create a balance within the energy structures that we inhabit. This will increase happiness and wellbeing.

Services Offered for a Business Assessment

The energy signature of a business has a direct affect on its profitability. To determine the status of a business’s energy signature, the following evaluation service is offered which is divided into three phases:

                                              1.  a remote appraisal to see if an assessment is worthwhile

                                              2. an initial energy assessment to inform management of energy blocks that are causing problems

                                3. a detailed appraisal and recommendations for a course of remedial action to improve business                                                      profitability.

The first phase is at no cost and allows both parties to decide whether or not an assessment is worthwhile. During the second phase, energy blocks/problem areas are identified. When follow-up is agreed, the problem areas are investigated in depth and solutions offered for management’s consideration. The evaluation process covers land, buildings, contents and people (board, management and employees). For an appraisal contact: [email protected].

Home Assessment

For the well-being and success of families, it is important that a home has clean energy. A similar evaluation to the above is offered for homes. For an appraisal contact: [email protected].  .