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Power Shift Coaching/Mentoring Strategy

Power shift takes personal development, life coaching/mentoring and executive coaching/mentoring to higher levels of excellence. How does it do this? Power shift does it by integrating science (quantum physics and energy), psychology, philosophy and unraveling some of life’s secrets to produce a superior and lasting outcome through the techniques and processes it uses. The interaction of cause and effect becomes clearer, in day to day life. This leads to an increase of wellbeing, happiness and success which are now a tangible goal. What does this mean?

It means that the mind and body plus their integrated subtle energy fields (consciousness fields), how they operate, what they cause and how they actually affect each person’s life becomes clearer. It also means that understanding some aspects of:

                              • psychology
                              • stress, depression
                              • interpersonal relationships
                              • attitudes
                              • behaviour
                              • success
                              • prosperity
                              • wealth generation and
                              • why life plays out the way it does

goes through an important upgrade. Power shift strategies provide a superior platform to successfully deal with the challenges and changes we are all being subjected to.

In the private and public sector, the happiness and wellbeing of human capital is increasingly recognised as a first priority. Why, because there is a direct relationship between productive output, happiness and wellbeing. To get the best out of human capital, power shift coaching is a powerful tool for management and individuals to use.

The energy dynamics of power shift and how it functions is incorporated within the coaching services offered below. Mentoring, that is assisting the coachee (the client) apply their natural talents and creative self is also offered within this service.

Power Shift Strategies

Focusing on the present and future, the coachee/mentee is assisted to achieve a specific personal and/or professional goal, in such areas as to:

                              • know them-Selves
                              • bring out their authentic-Self
                              • establish identity
                              • improve the relationship with them-Selves
                              • improve interpersonal relationships
                              • formulate a life plan
                              • manage emotional intelligence
                              • improve behaviour and attitude patterns
                              • reduce stress
                              • enhance discipline of Self
                              • boost motivation
                              • enhance awareness of Self
                              • recognise communication preferences
                              • understand who is pulling their strings
                              • enhance Self-esteem
                              • enhance image of Self
                              • boost abundance.

FR coaching/mentoring also includes an opportunity to explore:

Career/Professional Development

Participating in the following is more than just ticking boxes of techniques, it is about clearing energy blocks and understanding that it is the journey through life that is important and not necessarily the outcome. Appreciating the energy links and where they are blocked in the following is a guarantee to success. The coachee/mentee is helped to:

                              • establish identity
                              • establish own unique brand
                              • define aspirations
                              • understand, formulate and  apply aims and goals
                              • achieve business goals
                              • review career success
                              • formulate a new career
                              • create a fulfilling work/ life balance
                              • improve interpersonal skills
                              • improve interpersonal relationships
                              • enhance awareness of Self
                              • understand what’s happening in life
                              • understand who’s pulling their strings
                              • recognise their communication preferences
                              • manage emotional intelligence
                              • fulfil aspirations
                              • enhance Self-esteem
                              • enhance image of Self
                              • enhance discipline of Self
                              • boost abundance.

To succeed in the twenty first century with ease, perhaps the most important aspect of business coaching is within:

Creative Development

Everybody, including colleagues, family and friends will benefit from the following when we learn how to:

                              • connect with the other 90%
                              • lead from the authentic self
                              • enhance self-awareness
                              • boost our creative spark
                              • boost  ‘hunch’ capability
                              • boost self-motivation and self-image
                              • boost abundance.

Executive Coaching

Using the new normal of power shift coaching, the coachee is helped to:

                              • develop an executive presence
                              • build an effective team
                              • understand the true dynamics of conflict
                              • enhance strategic thinking
                              • understand fixed asset  energetic efficiency  (office building, factory building, land)
                              • understand human asset energy efficiency.

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