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Your Power – Your Energy – Your future 

What can FR do for you?

Let me ask you some leading questions that arise as we all journey through life:


    • are you following your passion in your career and/ or your private life?
    • how well do you know your real ‘Self’?
    • do you feel happy with your life?
    • do you feel that your life is meaningful?
    • are you and your well being under pressure? 
    • are your sleeping well?         


    • are you happy with your work?
    • are you feeling over stressed?
    • have you become a workaholic?
    • do you know how to improve your inner feeling of well being?
    • do you know that you have a creative self that you  can empower?
    • do you know that you have a natural higher intelligence that you can access?
    • do you know how to strengthen your ‘hunch’ capability?

      Momentous Change is Happening in our Life

What is this momentous change? It is how we perceive ourselves, the planet and, indeed, the universe. Astrophysicists have shown that our Planet and Solar System rotates around our Galaxy and the centre of the Universe. We moved into a completely new location within the Universe. During November 1987, this caused a gradual change in the earth’s magnetic field frequency, triggered by a harmonic convergence.

A 26,000 earth cycle came to an end on 21st of December 2012. A new 26,000 year cycle began, after a buffer period, on 31st March 2022. The affect is initiating an upgrade in human consciousness and DNA that is influenced by an upgrade in the earth’s magnetic field frequency (the Schumann resonance) changing from 7.85hz to about 22hz. The sun’s magnetic field’s frequency is also going through an upgrade. All of this is causing an irreversible change in how we think and our thoughts that operate in the 3rd dimension by enabling us to enter the 5th dimension of our consciousness. This is where our miraculous powers and abilities operate from.

Everything that we have accepted in the past is now under scrutiny. Old structures and procedures are past their sell by date and the way we do things is also in a process of change. The internet is a powerful driving force for change here. Economic adjustments will ultimately be made to meet our 21st century needs. The old 20th century top down leadership approach is going through a metamorphosis which is causing a complete reversal to a bottom up, circular operating style. Technology is leading the way to sweeping changes, especially in the energy sector and communications.

FR’s role is to provide clients with directions and solutions, to answer the above questions, as well as to help them deal with the changes and challenges that arise as we move through the start-up of the new 26,000 year cycle. Most peoples stress levels, mental health and well being are under pressure because of the continuing changes and challenges.

       Reality of Yesterday’s Life

We are educated to recognise and understand only a small part of our potential and how to realise excellence in what we Hadron results splat 4engage in. Our belief schooling from birth is a major culprit here. My training as a physicist, especially in quantum mechanics and particle physics, brought to my attention the limitations of how we have been conditioned to think, see and experience life and the world around us. This is basically looking at life from a mechanistic, form based physical perspective (three dimensions (3D)) and adding the fourth dimension – (linear time (4D)) which shows only a small part of our true reality.

In this 3D/4D state we are conditioned to drill down further and further into problems, hoping to find a solution. The psychology of this approach is wrong. Why? Because of the negative focus and mind set associated with the word ‘problem’. Changing the word ‘problem’ for the word ‘challenge’ changes our mind set. For the mind set that focuses on a challenge instantly looks for solutions! Moreover, we have been conditioned to expect cycles of history to keep repeating themselves. This is no longer the case, as we have entered a new long term cycle which embraces a 5th Dimension (5D which is multi-dimensional) thinking that we are all born with. New “normal’s” are being set by those who are already using their 5th dimensional abilities. Our challenge is to embrace the 5th dimension, work with it and move beyond the 4th dimensional ego based conditioning that we have all been subjected too. Succinctly, it is like moving out of a rigid box of thinking into flexible sided box of thinking. Or, to learn to ‘be’ and to think within the multi-dimensional world that we all live in!

     The New Normal – Life in the 21st Century

To counter our conditioning, as stated above, when  we understand the sub-atomic 5D world of energy (the physical body’s cells, brain cells and mind are all made of energy), our lives go through a transformational process. To do this, it is necessary to understand that we are all multi-dimensional beings at a sub-atomic level. Following this approach very quickly results in us having much more control over our lives than we were brought up to believe possible. Especially when we learn to ‘be’, assisted by meditation techniques to live in the ‘now’, and to operate from our ‘heart energy centre’.

When we understand how to work with our natural 5D energy structures which follow Universal and not Newtonian laws, life goes through some profound changes. Understanding the power of our consciousness (conscious, subconscious, unconscious and higher conscious minds), energy and frequency empowers us to be able to set 21st century new normal’s.

     Make it so!

Fgalaxy-waterfall-150x150[1]R has been purposely structured to help individuals to enhance their overall performance including: creative abilities, hunch capability, mental health, well-being and happiness, in the new 21st century 5D energy cycle. This cycle embraces a focus upon understanding and using the power of our multidimensional-self energies.

Notwithstanding, from a business perspective, FR provides direction and support to enhance a company’s performance and profitability. How is this achieved? It is achieved by following a similar non traditional multi-dimensional energy exploration route. Success, including sustainability, is strengthened by embracing the latest consciousness mind driven energy techniques. Applying the new 5D energy techniques creates a profound transformation in how we perceive and experience life and, indeed, the business cycle.

Consciousness mind driven energy techniques represent the ultimate frontier for us to explore.  They offer us a unique opportunity to turn our lives and businesses around. FR applies a re-framing technique within the conscious mind that reinforces the links with the subconscious, unconscious and higher conscious minds. An unfolding of inner strengths is activated and creative abilities begin to flow with ease. Links to access our higher intelligence and infinite knowledge can also be activated.

FR’s Secret to Success

JJohn WB masterohn H. Leckie RD MSc, BSc(Hons), the founder of FR, has published a book called YOUR CHOICE – Unravel life’s secrets (www.its-yourchoice.com). The book’s appeal is universal; life changing and will act as a transformational guide to help the reader through the present changing and challenging times to create a life of fulfillment and success. YOUR CHOICE elaborates upon information and facts that have been left out of our education at home, school and university which will create for example:

    • a recognition of what affects our state of health, well-being, abundance and how to give them a boost and also some powerful de-stress modalities
    • a path to embrace 4D and 5D thinking
    • a paradigm shift in the way we look at, understand and experience our lives
    • an understanding of why we attract or are attracted to the relationships we engage in and how to make them stronger and productive
    • an understanding of why we are attracted to a particular work place and to settle in a particular location
    • an understanding of how to create success and a life of fulfillment, as we journey along life’s path
    • an understanding of ‘who am I’, why we are here in a physical  body and the enormous power that each of us carries within us.

Techniques and processes are provided to empower the reader to change their life direction to what they are meant experience. Your Choice (www.its-yourchoice.com) is available through Amazon and Book Depository (UK)  who offer free postage worldwide see www.bookdepository.co.uk.

Why Use Future Reality Limited?

Everything on and in the planet (including ourselves), the Universe and beyond, is made of energy. When things are not working: whether in relationships, or the ability to succeed in whatever we are engaged in, or even a company’s business aFhead.mindsuccess – then there is a block in the flow of energy within us and/or within the company. This is due to some of the energy involved being out of balance giving rise to the block. Such blocks are usually created at an early stage of an individual’s or company’s life. FR helps to clear existing energy blocks to enable an individual and/or a company to move back into the natural flow of what they are involved in to create a balance.

Main stream science is slowly but surely coming to terms with an understanding of the power of subtle energies. What do I mean? The energy plus its information content that drives our consciousness and mind is very, very small. Hence the term subtle energy. By understanding how our mind’s structure (conscious, unconscious and higher conscious minds) operates, FR has developed a life changing set of techniques and processes, to create successful change. These take the form of:

Power Shift Strategies

FR offers services to help its clients create a profound change within their belief structure (what they accept as being true) and perception (how they see themselves and the world around them) to enable:

  • a direct access to creative abilities
    • an improvement in the quality of life (strengthened relationships, inner satisfaction, de-stressing capability, better mental health and well-being)
      • a stronger contact with their inner (authentic) self
        • an understanding of the true nature of what’s actually going on, as they journey along life’s path
          • making the best use of their personal brand
            • an increase in potential to succeed in life
              • an enhancing of the ability to materialise their heart’s desire.

In the quest to ‘know our self’ and to succeed in life, either as an individual or as a company, understanding how to re-script and change the patterns within our consciousness bio-energy system is key. Learning how to clear existing internal energy blockages that are stopping us from getting the best out of ourselves or out of a company is another. To review what FR’s power shift strategies can do for you, click upon Coaching above.

Company Strategy: to Strengthen the Bottom Line

FR’s approach, if called upon to help companies, is to identify changes that will strengthen the bottom line. How is this done? FR’s tactic is to:

bottom line

  1. identify blocks/failures in management style and  communication
  2. assist all levels of company employees to boost their self-motivation and to ignite their creative abilities by enabling them to ‘think outside of the box’
  3. create an understanding of what personal responsibility means in the chain of management, communication channels and how energy blocks arise
  4. assist in the removal of energy blocks (click on Consulting above) that are  affecting  points 1. through 3. above.

Following through on the above points will lead to an improvement in the company’s energy signature (the frequency of the company’s fixed assets plus human assets energy state), corporate culture, profitability and health and wellbeing of its employees.

      Are you Getting the Best Out of your Assets?

Each company has fixed assets such as building(s), land, equipment and also human assets (directors, management and workforce). The positive interaction between these assets which contribute to the company’s energy signature is of crucial importance for a successful outcome whatever that may be.

It is important to recognise that physical assets (land, buildings, furniture and so on) also absorb and store energy. These ebooksassets act as a subtle energy magnet attracting energies similar to those that have been absorbed (people, flow of business (or lack of)). Observe commercial sites where successive businesses have failed!

When a company’s assets energy signature is brought into balance, performance including profitability will increase. The secret behind this success involves, as stated above, identifying and removing energy blocks that will lead to:

  • an improvement in management style and communication
    • creating a more harmonious workforce
      • an increase in creative ideas
        • generating productive decisions
          • an improvement in product sales, customer satisfaction and so on.

To review FR’s company services click upon Consulting above.  For further information contact FR through:

                                                                               [email protected] .