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Talks and Workshops

Today’s work/life balance demands a true recognition of who and what we are. It is important to recognise that we are both a physical and an energy being. Why, because each of us has a sophisticated set of interconnected subtle energy bodies which act like a magnetic field. The field attracts to us and us to everything that happens in life.

Importantly, our energy Self contains the secrets to the success we achieve. There are never any failures in life from an energy Self perspective only some wisdom behind the essence of the experiences we live through.

Appreciating the Universal laws that support the energy Self offers the potential to change our lives beyond recognition. These laws operate in the quantum (sub-atomic/energy) world. How our energy Self directs us along life’s path is explained in the workshops and also in my book – YOUR CHOICE – Unravel life’s secrets (www.its-yourchoice.com). We are captain of our own destiny, once we recognise the rules of the game and how to work with our energy Self.

Workshops can be held over half a day, a full day or two days depending on the client’s requirements and subject matter. Similarly, talks range from 20 to 30 minutes or up to one hour after a lunch or dinner through to two to three hours depending on the venue and topic.


Some examples of current workshops are how to:

                                                                1. think outside of the box

                                                                2. set a course to succeed in life

                                                                3. improve and enhance relationships

                                                                4. boost your hunch capability to succeed

                                                                5. find your creative self

                                                               6. ignite the executive Samurai – let your energy-Self create success

                                                               7. recognise and apply the illusive skills of leadership.

Talks for Companies and Interested Parties

The following are some examples of talks:

                             1. Contribute to the bottom line by using concepts from the quantum world of energy and                                                            spiritual dynamics.

                                                      2. Strengthen leadership by using concepts from the quantum world of energy and spiritual                                                            dynamics.

                                                      3. Improve relationships and understanding of conflict by using concepts from the quantum world                                                           of energy and spiritual dynamics.

                                                      4.  How concepts from the quantum world of energy  and spiritual dynamics change how we view                                                            day to day life to improve our inner feeling of well-being and happiness.

                                                      5.  What do energy and spiritual dynamics mean for your business and why is it important?

                                                      6.    Improving a company’s business’s culture – how do we do it?

                                                      7.    What happens at the end of our life and do we all get promoted?

For enquiries and rates on the above workshops/talks contact: info@yourfr.com .